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With over five years of experience, BlinkExam offers end-to-end virtual semester exams

Proctored exams virtually

Examine by Simply Clicking a Button

Technologies That Are Scalable

Perform Thousands of Exams in Parallel During a Day

Simple Exam Management

Administrator Dashboards on Their Own

Faculty and Evaluators

Easy-To-Use Dashboards for Structured Semester Exam Evaluation

BlinkExam offers a 24*7 Multi-Channel Support With the Best-in-class Turnaround Time

95% accuracy in detecting cheating is guaranteed by our AI-enhanced proctoring

In Some Cases, Candidates Are Interrupted or Flagged

Our Features

  • Our cutting-edge proctoring system completely secured the assessments.
  • We were able to easily reach the necessary scale thanks to our cutting-edge technologies.
  • Our proctoring specialists made sure the candidates had a flawless experience.

Semester Examinations Are Fully Automated by Our State-of-the-Art Integrated Solution

In addition to many more multiple-choice questions, we support the following question types

Data security standards are given top priority in our online examination solutions.

Our cloud platform is built in accordance with industry standards, guaranteeing GDPR compliance and security for a dependable setting.

BlinkExam is GDPR Compliant
We are ISO 27001 Certified and ISO9001 Certified
Localized data hosting for European servers
Secure data hosting on Amazon Web Services
We follow an Annual Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Why BlinkExam Is The Best Partner For Your Needs of Semester Exam Software

Seamless Candidate and Admin Experience

Easy Workflows, Prior Demos, Automated results

Auto-generated Results, Real-time

Section-wise and Question-wise reports are essential for effective decision-making

Anti-cheating Features Portfolio

Candidate Authentication using Human and Proctoring using AI

Additional Security Features

Multi-factor authentication for candidates and secure exam browser

Robust Data Security

Secure data encryption, Data Hosting, in line with International Standards

24*7 Support From Our Exam Experts

We are here for you, always

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Why is the best online examination platform?

Examine is an end-to-end digital system that automates academic examinations. The system empowers universities to conduct credible online exams globally

2. What are the top features of an online exam software?

The top features of an online exam software include-

  • Scale
  • Accessibility
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Rich repository of question papers
  • High-tech proctoring services with anti-cheating tools
  • Unmatched customer support
  • Data security

3. What is an Online Examination?

Online examination, also known as virtual examination, is conducted remotely on a computer with high-speed internet. Like a classroom exam, the online test software is time-bound and usually supervised through a webcam and proctor, making it cheating-free, secure and easily scalable.

4. What is an Online Examination System?

An online examination system allows centers for learning across seniority levels to plan and execute end-to-end virtual assessments. Such an exam software has in-built features to enable controllers of examination to plan the grading scheme, candidate and evaluator slotting, AI-enabled invigilation mechanisms and automated evaluation result declaration mechanisms. It replicates the entire offline physical examination process with greater ease and efficiency, making it a seamless exercise for all involved.

5. How does an Online Examination System work?

An online examination system replicates a physical, center-based examination. The difference being that every activity is taken remotely, via a platform. It can be managed from anywhere, eliminating the hassles associated with physical examinations. It constitutes every feature required to plan, host and evaluate examinations of all kinds, enabling educators to save significant time and financial resources invested otherwise in offering center-based assessments. It has a slew of automated features that help moot the grading system, question paper type, invite test-takers, authenticate their candidature, offer uncompromised exams and evaluate with ease.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an online examination system?

Advantages of an online examination system-

  • Seamless and easy setup of the exam on the online platform
  • Diverse question paper formats and endless randomization of questions
  • Easy for administrators with seamless candidate slotting
  • Smooth coordination with test-takers with customized calendar invite
  • Highly scalable
  • More generous and open-ended timelines possible
  • No hassles of procuring examination centers
  • Superlative invigilation with low invigilator to candidate ratio
  • Automative grading
  • More airtight

7. List of Top Online Exam Software/Platforms

Top online exam services providers

  • Prometric
  • Talview
  • Merittrac
  • TCSion