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Integrated Online Examination System for Seamless Experiences in Examining, Assessing, and Proctoring

  • Create Question Sets Using Course Outcomes.
  • Schedule and designate online invigilators accordingly.
  • Organise, Design, and Maintain Question Banks.
During Exams
  • Assistance Online Proctoring via Invigilator.
  • Offer Examine on Computers or Mobile.
  • Verifying Student Details and Organizing.
  • Real time attendance.
  • Thorough analysis of the test.
  • Determine final result, create report cards.
  • Show Results on College website.

BlinkExam offers a 24*7 Multi-Channel Support With the Best-in-class Turnaround Time

Experience Unrivaled Excellence in Online Exam Management with Our Resources

BlinkExam Examination Platform | A Suite of Proctoring Tools | Solution for Exam Evaluation

Data security standards are given top priority in our online examination system.

Cloud service is built in accordance with industry standards, guaranteeing GDPR compliance and security for a dependable setting.

BlinkExam is GDPR Compliant
We are ISO 27001 Certified and ISO9001 Certified
Localized data hosting for European servers
Secure data hosting on Amazon Web Services
We follow an Annual Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

We Make Online Exams Safe, Simple to Take, Assess, and Manage.

Exam Governance
  • Controls and safeguards for assessors and controllers.
  • Real-time monitoring for assessment and submission.
Exam Scalability
  • Conducting more than 200,000 examinations in a single day.
  • The capacity to grow in accordance with client needs.
Easy ERP Integration
  • Simple data exchange with your ERP system.
  • Integration of ERPs via APIs.
Best-in-class Proctoring
  • Innovative remote proctoring technology powered by AI.
  • Recognized as industry pioneers in proctoring technology by Gartner.
Customizable Solutions
  • Serve more than 20 languages.
  • Assured registration fields.
Impeccable Data Security
  • Access control based on roles.
  • Information about students being withheld prior to assessment.