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Online tests are increasingly a common way to evaluate a broad range of abilities and knowledge in a variety of settings, such as professional, academic, and even hiring. Trained experts are hired to oversee the computer-based assessment procedure, using cameras to proctor by online exam software and log every action they perform on the computers to guarantee exam management and uncover cheating. Everyone enjoys competition, particularly when tests are involved. While some students work very hard in their studies throughout the year to attain this, others decide to cheat since they think it’s a simpler option. 

Ensuring the security and integrity of these examinations is crucial to maintaining fairness and accuracy. Exam cheating online has the potential to seriously affect outcomes and raise concerns about the authenticity of the assessment. A proctoring technology suite reduces cheating during online exams, but invigilators assist in doing this in a classroom setting.

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How Do Online Exam Software Remote Proctoring Procedures Work?

Depending on the kind of solution and the needs of the online exam, remote proctoring can operate in various ways. Dedicated proctors use a live feed to remotely observe the students and their environment during live online proctoring. If they notice any questionable activity, they have the right to stop the test for students.

Test-taker information, such as pertinent activity logs, photos, audio, video, and so on, is saved for later review by a proctor if you choose recorded proctoring. To keep an eye on the students, the proctor need not stay present for the whole of the exam.

Essential Features of Proctoring Online Exam Software

You need to be aware of the characteristics that are in demand for an online proctoring system before choosing a vendor. Several of them include :

1. Usability – Automating the proctoring procedure is the aim of proctoring online exam software. It shouldn’t take a lot of time to use because of a challenging user interface or a steep learning curve. A strong online proctoring program needs to be easily scalable and capable of facilitating remote exam assessment.

2. Anticipatory Proctoring Instruments – Like in-person tests and online proctoring, online exam software should incorporate anti-cheating tools and capabilities to ensure stringent invigilation. To stop on-screen cheating, for example, encrypted surfing can be used. Live monitoring can be used to identify and examine the test-taker’s questionable movements. 

3. Privacy And Security – While keeping user data and sensitive exam results, the online test proctoring online exam software needs to adhere to data compliance regulations. Features like role-based access and password encryption are crucial for end-to-end security.

4. The ability to scale – Proctoring software is used for online exams so that thousands of users can take tests together remotely. Therefore, whenever necessary, robust proctoring software should be able to manage large-scale exams with ease. Time zones and regional shifts shouldn’t have an impact on the online procedure.

5. Combination with additional services – For all tasks to be managed from a single platform and without any technological problems, the program should be easy to interface with current systems, such as LMS. Numerous options are simply plug-and-play compatible, requiring no further setup to provide tests. 

Making Online Tests Cheat-Free

Making Online Tests Cheat-Free

To maintain equal opportunities for all students, online exams must be devoid of cheating. Colleges can benefit from this by utilizing proctoring online exam software. However since the market is filled with a variety of solutions these days, you should choose the industry leader in online proctoring.

▪️Intelligent AI Surveillance With artificial intelligence and machine learning, the online exam software proctoring technology aims to reduce online cheating. Every time an attempt to cheat, the webcam and microphone are continuously examined. If an unusual voice or activity is heard, the invigilator is alerted so they can take the appropriate action.

▪️Videos and Audio Recordings – Invigilators can access audio and video records of each student during the exam. This will enable them to investigate any possible cases of cheating. This capability allows an invigilator to double check in other situations if they have any doubts.

▪️Providing the Candidate’s Screen in Real Time The fact that live screen streaming of a candidate’s computer is another factor contributing to its leadership in online proctoring. To maintain total privacy, this is only in place for the duration of the exam. In addition, it assures that no student’s system can be taken over by the invigilator, allowing them to feel comfortable administering the test.

▪️Deactivate the Copy-Paste Features –  Copying and pasting answers is the quickest and easiest trick for students to exploit, the online exam software has been designed to disable these features. The invigilator is then notified and given a warning notice, allowing them to take the appropriate action.

▪️Lock the Browser Installing different browsers for each operating system is possible, and when taking an online exam, the candidate’s internet resources are virtually limitless. This reduces the likelihood of cheating by alerting the invigilator as soon as a candidate strays from their exam browser.


Online exam software is used to protect students from cheating and to ensure a secure online exam environment. During an exam, teachers can keep an eye on every student’s progress in real time using the monitoring view. Furthermore, it locks the exam window to keep pupils from using the internet while taking the test. This makes the online proctored exam environment more controlled.

Online proctoring implies the use of technology to make sure the test-taker is kept by the regulations and not committing any offence or cheating. Online test proctoring enables students to take exams from home or other remote locations while offering a practical and effective means of assuring the validity and integrity of online exams.


Q▪️ Which online exam software minimizes the possibility of cheating for teachers taking it?
Ans: One highly effective way to reduce the chances of cheating while conducting online tests is remote proctoring. These days advanced technology is becoming more widespread which enables both online assessments for students and corporate interviews. You can use the company’s online resources to keep ahead in online instruction and exam administration.

Q▪️ Is your screen visible to proctored exams? 
Ans: Proctors can view the screens but only with the candidates’ consent. Throughout the test, candidates can see a chat box on their computer screen and at any point, they can see the rights granted to a proctor. A detailed record of the proctor’s actions during the exam is also recorded, together with the entire session log.

Q▪️ Who Requires Online Proctoring?
Ans: Exams based on online proctoring are essentially accessible to any institution that administers exams. Modern technology can ensure improved outcomes across the entire exam administration process. The following are some of the most common applicants for online proctored exams from Universities, Colleges, Schools, Certification Organizations and Businesses.