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How We Build Effective Entrance Exam Software for You

The ability to scale

With our help, you can easily test tens of thousands of candidates at once.


Using our anti-cheating solutions, you can maintain the integrity of your online exams.


Flawless expert support to guarantee a smooth transition from offline to online assessments.


Your exam data and candidate details are protected by our cutting-edge security technologies.

95% Accuracy in Detecting Cheating is Guaranteed by our AI-enhanced Proctoring

Our Main Priority is Faculty and Candidate Experience, Always

Why Entrance Exam Software Is Ideal for Your Needs Regarding Virtual Admission Exams

Easy Candidate and Administrative Process

Simple Workflows, Previous Demos, and Automated Outcomes

Real-time, automatically created reports

For each section and results question to facilitate effective decision-making.

A Selection of Features to Prevent Cheating

Verification of Candidates using Human and AI-Assisted Proctoring.

Extra Security Measures

Safe exam browser and multi-factor candidate authentication.

Strong Data Security Encryption

Safe Data Storage, Adherence to Global Guidelines.

24/7 Assistance From Our Exam Professionals

We are always available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What makes this the ideal platform for online exams?

Examine is a digital end-to-end system that automates exams for academic credit. The technology enables colleges to provide reliable online tests to students worldwide.

2. What are the best characteristics of software for online exams?

The best attributes of software for online exams are as follows-

  • Accessibility by Scale
  • User-friendly interface
  • A vast collection of test questions
  • Superior client service
  • Data safety
  • Advanced proctoring services equipped with anti-cheating devices

3. What is the Meaning of an Online Test?

Online exams, sometimes referred to as virtual exams, are taken from a distance using a computer connected to the internet. Similar to a traditional exam, the online version is timed and typically overseen by a proctor and webcam, which prevents cheating and makes it safe and simple to scale.

4. What is an Online Examination System?

End-to-end virtual examinations can be planned and carried out by centers for learning across seniority levels using an online examination system. Exam controllers can organize the grading scheme, candidate and evaluator slotting, AI-enabled invigilation mechanisms, and automated evaluation result declaration mechanisms with the help of this type of exam software, which comes with built-in capabilities. It more easily and effectively duplicates the complete offline physical examination procedure, making it a seamless exercise for all parties.

5. How is an Online Exam System Operated?

A virtual assessment system mimics an in-person, center-based assessment. The distinction is that each task is completed remotely using a platform. It eliminates the inconveniences of in-person exams and may be managed from any location. It has every feature needed to organize, conduct, and assess exams of any kind, saving educators a substantial amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on center-based assessments. Numerous automatic capabilities enable it to easily analyze, invite test-takers, confirm their candidature, deliver uncompromised exams, and moot the grading method and question paper type.

6. What are the benefits and drawbacks of an online testing platform?

Benefits of an online testing platform –

    • The exam was set up quickly and easily on the internet platform.
    • Variations in question paper formats and incessant question randomization.
    • Administrators can find it simple with smooth candidate slotting.
    • Incredibly scalable
    • Possible longer and more flexible timelines
    • No difficulties in locating testing facilities
    • Excellent invigilation with a low ratio of invigilators to candidates
    • Computerized grading
    • Greater airtightness


7. Top Online Exam Platforms and Software List

Leading providers of online exam services are

  • TCSion
  • BlinkExam
  • Prometric