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An Online Examination System is a type of exam taken on a device which can be a computer, laptop or even a mobile phone using the internet. During the Pandemic when all institutes and coaching centers were shut down then all the exams were held online.

BlinkExam is the best online examination system platform for students and examinees because it is easy to use and works well for people. BlinkExam stands out because it has different features a teacher can use.

  • It uses advanced technology so nobody can cheat during the examination or get into the exam without permission.
  • It is different from other platforms because it gives the teacher useful information.

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What are Schools and an institution?

-A school is a place where students go to learn something new. It is an institution designed to provide education and instructions. The school has a variety of subjects and classes vary in terms of different age groups. School helps a child to grow smarter so he or she can make a good decision. They also help kids to make new friends.

-The institution is like an organization that has specific rules, roles and purposes. It can be a school, company, government or even a family. They help us learn (like schools), live by rules (like governments), stay healthy (like hospitals), and connect with our culture and traditions. Different institutions have different jobs, but together, they make our society work well.

What is the need for an online examination System?

There are several reasons for the need for an online examination system.
Some of them are Accessibility: Online exams are accessible for students. They can take the exams from anywhere with access to the internet.

Prevent Cheating: Online exams have different features to minimise cheating. Such as the questions in exams are in random order, AI as the invigilator which can suspect any malpractice, Time limit etcetera features help prevent cheating.

Cost Effective: Online exams can be more cost-effective because it reduces the use of paper and pen. The money that was used in printing has now no use.

Security measures: Online test websites use special rules to make sure nobody cheats and that the test is fair. They do this to keep the test honest and make sure everyone has an equal chance.

Why do schools and institutions need an online examination System?

Online exams make it easier for students and schools as the students can take tests from anywhere helping schools to save money and time. Online exams also ensure fairness in examinations. It is a convenient way for schools to access student’s learning.

How are schools getting benefits from the online examination?

How are schools getting benefits from the online examination?

Schools are benefiting from the online examination system in several ways. Some of them are :

  1. Convenience – Online exams are more convenient for both teachers and students. Students can take tests from any location with internet access, reducing the need for physical presence.
  2. Time Saving – Online exams can be more time saving than offline exams. Online exams help teachers to focus on teaching rather than spending too much time on grading. It also saves the time of distributing papers.
  3. Cost-saving – Conducting exams online can lead to cost savings for schools. They don’t have to spend money and time on printing papers and distributing them.
  4. Accessibility – Online exams are accessible for every student including those with any health problems or disabilities. The student must have access to the internet to do the exam.

What are the hardware devices needed for online examination?

Hardware devices needed for online examination are:

A device: It can be a laptop, computer or even a mobile phone. A laptop is a portable personal computer. It can be carried anywhere and is very easy to use.

Webcam:   A webcam is a device that captures and records images.
Microphone: The microphone is a device that captures audio or sound.

What is the environment for doing the online examination?

During the online exam, the student must keep this in mind when they are using the online examination system. 
1- Have a quiet and peaceful environment. There should be no noise coming from the background.
2- No one should be in the room. In some examinations, the invigilator asks the student for a 360 degree view.3- There should be a proper network connection so that the student doesn’t face any type of problem.

How does online examination help students?

Online examinations help students by making it easier for them to take tests. They can do it from anywhere, which is convenient. It also gives faster results and less stress to students because everything happens online making the process simple and accessible for students.


The online examination system is a great help for schools and students. This makes tests easier and more accessible, time saving and reducing stress. Benefits such as cost saving, real time monitoring, and fast grading make it easier and enhance the overall learning experience of a student.

Frequently asked questions 

Q. 1) What measures are in place to prevent cheating during online exams?

  • Mixed questions – questions are shuffled around so everyone doesn’t get the same ones in the same order.
  • Camera Watch – The invigilator might watch you through your computer’s camera to make sure you’re not cheating.
  • Time Limit – There’s a limit on how much time you have, so you can’t take too long or get help from others.

Q. 2) How are online exams different from offline exams?
Ans: Online exams are taken on the computer from anywhere with the internet. They use digital tools for questions. Offline exams are on paper, need you to go to a specific place, and have fixed schedules. Online exams are quicker, use technology, and you get feedback faster. 

Offline exams are traditional, need you to be at a set place and time, and take longer for feedback.

Q. 3) Is there a limit to the number of times the student can attempt the exam?
Ans: Some exams might have a rule that says you can only try them a certain number of times. It’s like a limit on how many attempts you’re allowed.